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We believe that orphans and the poor deserve the highest standards of care possible. We believe that one day orphans and vulnerable children will be perceived with the same dignity and value that we perceive our own children. When our perception of orphans changes, our treatment of them will follow. We are motivated by our belief that together as a global community, we can raise the standards of care for every child on the planet because every soul matters. What do you believe?

Come and learn online from a group of experts, from different backgrounds, and get trained in the best practices and principles of effective poverty alleviation and disciple-making. Come and learn from the first institution in the world to offer college-level training in orphan care.

What Student Are Saying About Our Online Courses


“I feel like I now have the tools to start the journey God has prepared for me. Before, all I knew was that God had laid on my heart to serve people abroad. I had no idea how to accomplish that or how I would specifically serve people. I feel like God has transformed my life with the many different things I have learned. I look forward to seeing how God will keep using this [school] to help transform my life and the lives of others around me.”


“I have learned a lot. I feel like [ABI] has prepared me a lot for when I want to actually start my career. Before this all I knew was that God was calling me to work in orphan care and I wanted to follow that call. This [school] has made me realize that I don’t need to go out and do the work until I am fully equppied. Dr. Acha said in one the videos, that God isn’t in a hurry for us to go out and start working right this second. But in the bible, they were training and equipping and then sending out missionaries. So before we go out into our mission field of orphan care we need to be trained and equipped.”


“Austin Bible Institute has been an amazing blessing to me. Each of the classes is focused on forming the identity of Christ in the student. In my opinion, that should be the goal of every Christian, especially when one pursues Christian education. I believe that Austin Bible Institute provides an amazing foundation for a life following Jesus. The material is challenging, but amazingly practical. This allows for anyone at any level to be able to learn and grow and apply their learning immediately, within the context of everyday life. I would recommend this school to anyone desiring a deeper walk with God, regardless of your specific calling.”

As you study in our Orphan Care Program, you will learn important competencies that will help you care for orphans and vulnerable children such as:

  • Passionate prayer and peacemaking
  • Disciple-making and teaching the Bible
  • Maturing in your faith to mentor others
  • Effective parenting skills
  • Basic healthcare
  • Counseling
  • Nutrition
  • Understanding of childhood education
  • Fundraising
  • Managing finances
  • Marketing (online and off)
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship

If you feel God is calling you to care for orphans, you are following a wonderful calling! We encourage you to be trained and equipped to serve well and glorify God and our excellent online education can prepare you to do just that.

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