Student Testimonials

 What students are saying:


“I have enjoyed these classes so much and I have learned so much even in the few semesters I’ve been here so far.  One of the most biggest things I’ve learned is that it’s important to further your relationship with the Lord. The knowledge that I’m gaining right from the beginning – the knowledge of the Bible and how much more I’ve learned from the teachers and the information in the classes – it’s been awesome. I love it! I enjoy it so much. It’s the best school I’ve found!” – Kenzie, 2017



“I just want to thank ABI for putting together such game-changer courses. All of the classes have been great so far…some are more informative and some are more application oriented but I can’t thank them enough for such great classes!” – Mark, 2016



“From the very first week, the lessons have been enriching for my walk with Christ … Every week brought something new to the forefront of my mind … I am thankful for the things I was reminded of and the things that were new to me. This class has certainly been transformational. “- Karli, 2016



“This [school] did not just teach me something but it changed me, empowered me and gave me freedom from some sins and aspects of my Christian walk which has been a burden to me. And now I can feel a whole new atmosphere that the Holy Spirit has created around me. [It] has been a very big achievement for me, it has shed light on very pertinent aspects of my life and has left me feeling like wow ‘I am on the right track’.” – Ambe, 2016


f1“Learning through Austin Bible Institute was one of the most eye-opening and practically applicable things I have ever experienced. I took an eight week training in orphan-care and management while serving in Cameroon last summer taught by Dr. Kenneth Acha. Each of the classes I took were distinct and edifying. The classes transformed how I looked at friendship, marriage, the Bible, the Character of God, honoring authority, and profoundly revolutionized the way I plan on serving my community and the world. Effective Orphan Care I (Harmful Help), the course focused on poverty alleviation, was the most impactful for me. At the time, I had planned on serving [overseas] in an orphanage with a ministry called Shaping Destiny for one year but, based on the content of the course, chose to cut my trip short because my eyes had been opened to how much more effective I could be serving Stateside. I would definitely recommend learning through Austin Bible Institute to anyone who desires to broaden their understanding of scripture, theology, different cultures, and relationships with practical biblical teaching and solid curriculum.” – Sunny, 2015



“I thank God for how much I’ve learned in such a short time and I thank God for instilling such knowledge and experience into the professors and staff of ABI. It’s just my first class here and I can already tell that His plan for me is great.” – Hannah, 2016


f1“I first came to Austin Bible Institute because I had a felt called to spend my life serving orphans and the poor. After going on a few short-term trips to different countries in Africa, I was at a loss of what to do with this passion for helping people. I was uneducated, young, and unaware of all the complexities that come with ministry work…especially with my interest in serving abroad. I started studying at ABI in their Short-Term Mission Certificate program and immediately fell in love with the training! I saw incredible growth in my spiritual life, in my personal relationships, and in my calling. I had grown up in the church, but had never experienced God like I began to when I was studying at ABI. I greatly enjoyed all aspects of the training – spiritual, practical, and theological. I continued my education beyond the Short-Term Certificate because I couldn’t imagine cutting this training short when I was seeing such amazing benefits from it. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in ministry work, especially focusing in orphan care. You will not only see your heart and soul opened by the Holy Spirit, you will experience mind-altering knowledge that will beneficially shape the way you serve.” – Steph, 2013


f1“It was such a great blessing studying with Austin Bible Institute last summer when they held classes in Cameroon, West Africa where I live. For many years I have known God was calling me to serve the orphans and the less privileged in my community but how to go about it was what I couldn’t figure out. I certainly did try to help in the past my own way which was off course the wrong way; but God brought light and orientation to this calling through ABI. I had to repent for causing more harm than help to the needy I tried to assist before taking this course because I realized I really did harm them instead of helping. I am part of a congregation that sends out missionaries to preach the gospel around the world and I’ve realized some of those missionaries can cause harm and taking classes like these can help prevent that. Experiencing God was just so amazing as a course. I highly recommend ABI to all who wish to know their calling and who desire to serve God in the center of His Will. I just started last summer, when the school visited my country for a few months, and intend to continue online by the grace of God. It is good to experience it by oneself than to hear from others. God bless you as you register to study with ABI.” – Olivia, 2014


f1“I like the structure that was provided to learn. Assignments followed a logical pattern and I was able to learn at home, at work, and even in the car. I knew the material that would be used and could easily transfer the material to study on multiple devices. I have a fresh perspective on the Christian community now and feel closer to hearing what God is asking me to do to be a part of it. Thank you ABI!” – Jeremy, 2016


f1“I had known for a while that God was calling me to serve orphans, I just had no clue in what area and how to even get education/training in the area of orphan care. God has used volunteering for Shaping Destiny and taking classes with Austin Bible Institute to make what I knew he was calling me to do more clear. Getting experience in orphan care has truly changed my view of what orphan care entails and how I fit into the orphan care ministry.” – Amber, 2015


f1“These courses [have] helped me to understand who God is, His character, and His will. I have been convicted of many things, and have grown in my knowledge of God and His Word. I have a better understanding of God’s character and a growing relationship with Him. Four months ago, if someone would have asked me where I was going I would have responded with “My heart is in Africa, but I am willing to go wherever the Lord leads me.” [But] when I said I am willing to go wherever God leads me, I meant anywhere other than America, which is clearly the exact opposite of being willing or obedient to God. That response was filled with so many wrongs…” – Danielle, 2014