Register for Classes

How to Register for Classes

  1. Review our current courses to see what courses are being offered for the semester. You can only choose your courses based on this list.
  2. Check your Degree or Certificate Program to see which of the current courses you need to take to fulfill the requirements of your specific certificate program.
  3. Complete the Class Request Form during the published registration period.
    Note: First time students must be admitted into Austin Bible Institute and pay the registration fee before registering for classes.


After You Submit Your Class Request Form

  1. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt. Note, this is not your official course registration confirmation.
  2. After the end of the published registration period, you will then be notified regarding acceptance into the course based on course availability.
  3. Then you should purchase textbooks or other course materials. You would be given this information after you’ve paid for your courses. Allow time to receive your materials at least 1 week before class begins.
  4. Courses will be made available in the online classrooms three to seven days before the start of the course. The course syllabi and other materials will be available online at that time.

Note: Only courses identified as part of your program count towards certificate completion requirements.

** Students may be admitted after deadlines on academic calendar. This is based on availability of space in courses. Please contact the admissions office.


In the Meantime

  1. Take a look at our academic calendar.
  2. Familiarize yourself with our Add/Drop and Refund policy.