Pastoral Studies Training


Our Pastoral Studies Program is specifically made for those who are passionate about working in Christian ministry and have the heart of a shepherd, willing to lead by example and watch over the children of God. Being a pastor is hard work, but we have incredible training that will equip you for a lifetime of faithful ministry to God. Austin Bible Institute provides in-depth training that will prepare you for the kind of servant that He wants to use in His church. We focus on catalyzing life-change within our students and empowering them to grow spiritually wherever they currently are. Whether it’s creating sermons, counseling the brokenhearted, or planting churches our training creates an environment where students can yield to the Holy Spirit to work in them and equip them for what God wants to use them to do in the future.

During this online training, we encourage students to be very involved in their local church, making disciples, selecting a personal mentor, mentoring someone else, and completing at least one semester of internship with a ministry or church to implement their education.

What Student Are Saying About Our Online Courses

“I feel like I now have the tools to start the journey God has prepared for me. Before, all I knew was that God had laid on my heart to serve people abroad. I had no idea how to accomplish that or how I would specifically serve people. I feel like God has transformed my life with the many different things I have learned. I look forward to seeing how God will keep using this [school] to help transform my life and the lives of others around me.”


“Austin Bible Institute has been an amazing blessing to me. Each of the classes is focused on forming the identity of Christ in the student. In my opinion, that should be the goal of every Christian, especially when one pursues Christian education. I believe that Austin Bible Institute provides an amazing foundation for a life following Jesus. The material is challenging, but amazingly practical. I would recommend this school to anyone desiring a deeper walk with God, regardless of your specific calling.”


“This has been an amazing experience. Not only have I learned so many things, I’ve grown more in my relationship with God than I have in a really long time. At times, I’ve felt pretty inadequate, like I should know these things already, but I’m so thankful that God provided this opportunity to really key things about following Him. These classes have rocked my prayer life! I have never learned a praying technique in my life, and these classes have taught me countless ways to sit down and spend time with God in prayer for hours at a time…now I feel really equipped.”


As you study in our Pastoral Studies Program, you will learn important competencies that will help you as a pastor such as:

  • Passionate prayer and peacemaking
  • Disciple-making
  • Spiritual formation
  • Proper understanding, interpretation, and application of the Bible
  • How to fight against spiritual warfare
  • Church planting
  • Planning and creating Bible curriculum
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Public speaking
  • Apologetics
  • Church growth
  • Christian missions

If you feel God is calling you into Pastoral Studies, you are following a wonderful calling! We encourage you to be trained and equipped to serve well and glorify God and our excellent online education can prepare you to do just that.

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