Moodle Training for Course Creators and Teachers

If you are hired to teach with Austin Bible Institute, you would need training and access to our online learning management system, Moodle. By this time, you would have discussed the courses you would be teaching with the academic dean and submitted a syllabus and textbooks for approval. After that:

  1. We will create a “Course Creator” / “Teacher” account on the learning site. You will receive a message that will have your login information and a makeshift password for you to login. Then change the password to something you can remember.
  2. You will always login here: with your login  and password.
  3. REQUIRED training from The title of the training is  Moodle 2.6 Essential Training by Aaron Quigley. It is 1hr 40 minutes long. It is great training for the Moodle learning management system. You can find it here. You can sign up for a free trial account and see how far it takes you. If it doesn’t allow you to finish the training series, then you can pay $25/month and finish the training. After that, cancel subscription. We’ve used for over four years and highly recommend it.
  4. Faculty orientation with Academic Coordinator. Please contact us once you have completed your Moodle training. We will then schedule a brief faculty orientation Skype meeting to go over the material that you will then familiarize yourself with in more detail on your own.


  1. Creating quizzes using gift format.  Here are five steps for creating quizzes in Moodle.
    1. Create the Questions in Notepad or TextEdit using the appropriate format. Click here to copy the right format for you and paste in your editing program.
    2. Create category in Moodle
    3. Import Questions
    4. Configure Quiz
    5. Add Questions to quiz

You can also watch this video for further help!

Let us know if you have any questions.