Low Income Scholarship

What is the Low Income Scholarship?

A dream of Austin Bible Institute is to provide our high quality education to any Christian in any country in the world who desires to be trained to serve Christ without regard to their ability to pay. To do this, we make every effort to give grants to cover part of the tuition of students who cannot pay the entire tuition. Low Income Scholarships are awarded on a per-semester basis only and students must reapply each semester if desired. When scholarships are available and offered, the amount may vary from semester to semester based on the availability of funds and the Institute’s perception of the student’s ability to contribute to their own education. Many of our students come from countries where it’s impossible for us to have official documentation on how much they earn. So there is a real risk that some applicants may be tempted to provide misleading information so that they may receive a partial tuition grants from Austin Bible Institute. The applicant needs to view this application as a declaration that he/she is making to God to say that the information provided in this application will be truthful in everyway (both in spirit and in fact). If a student provides misleading information that leads to them getting a partial tuition grant that they didn’t qualify for, it must be known that such an act amounts to theft of the worst kind. It’s akin to robbing a temple or church. Our goal is to equip people to serve the poor and to make disciples. We pray that all the information requested will be provided so that we may make a decision to help you get trained.  

Requirements to Qualify

  • Student must already be admitted into Austin Bible Institute and pay the registration fee before applying for the low income scholarship.
  • Student must take at least 9 credit hours (3 courses) per semester. If you drop or add a course, the scholarship amount will have to be recalculated to reflect that change.


If a student is offered any financial assistance (e.g. Low-Income Scholarship or any other source from or through ABI), there is no refund  of either money they paid out of their pocket or money contributed to their education by the scholarship fund if they decide to drop out of their courses during that semester.   

Apply for the Low Income Scholarship!