Accept Admissions Offer

Congratulations on your offer of admission to Austin Bible Institute. This section contains an important step that you must take to accept the offer of admission. An offer of admission is not final unless you take this step to accept the offer.



Step 1: Pay Non-Refundable Registration Fee

To accept your offer of admission, you must submit the non-refundable registration fee. Early registration fee is $199 (eligible if you pay it within 5 business days of offer) or $250 (if after 5 business days of offer) for your program. We have a rolling admissions process. That means that we accept students until a class is full. As such, an offer of admission is not guaranteed until the non-refundable registration fee has been paid to accept the offer. We encourage all students to pay their registration fee as soon as they can afford it. Note that this registration fee is non-refundable. You can either pay online, pay over the phone, mail a check or money order drawn on a U.S bank, or pay through Money Gram or Western Union. We do not accept bank transfer payments or wired money. Per our school policy, we never give out our bank account information.

1) To pay online through our secure page. Go to

2) To pay through Western Union or Moneygram, go here >>

3) To pay by snail mail, send the payment to

Austin Bible Institute, P.O. Box 200700, Austin, TX 78720, USA Checks should be made payable to Austin Bible Institute.

Step 2:  Send in a Letter Accepting Admission to Austin Bible Institute

Send this letter after you have accepted the offer of admission by paying your non-refundable registration fee. Send it by email to or mail it to the address above. Email is preferred.

Here is sample letter that you may edit or use as is. Feel free to write yours afresh.

“Dear Admissions Committee: I have paid my one-time, nonrefundable registration fee and am writing to notify you of my decision to accept your offer to enroll at Austin Bible Institute on the date entered in my application. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to attending your program and am excited by the opportunities that await.”

Sincerely, John Smith