Learn What it Takes to Start a Nonprofit in Only 8 Weeks

Start a Non-Profit

Note: This is an online course. Students do not have to move to Austin to take it. All our courses are now available online!

About the Instructor

Dr. Kenneth Acha has ten years of experience in nonprofit management. After moving to the U.S. in December 2000, Dr. Acha founded an orphan care nonprofit ministry in Cameroon that has served over one thousand children in Africa. He has also started several other nonprofits and for-profit businesses in addition to being the founder of Austin Bible Institute. One of his passions is to equip people to serve the poor and make disciples. He obtained his MD degree from Texas A & M College of Medicine. Prior to that, he studied Biochemistry at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Acha lives in California with his wife, Ellen, an RN, BSN nurse, and their two children.

About the Course

MINS 204 Starting a Nonprofit, 3 credits.

This introductory course is designed to be a first step in equipping students to start a nonprofit organization or ministry. They are taught how to discover and write their purpose, mission and vision statements, establish core values, develop strategies, set initial goals, write a business plan, select initial board members, choose a name for the organization and incorporate or register with their state government. The course will cover everything that a student needs to go from their dream to launching their new organization. In addition to that, it will introduce students to other recommended courses at Austin Bible Institute that they can take to further prepare themselves to achieve their goal of running an organization effectively. With exegesis of biblical passages students are challenged to personally examine motives and confirm their call to start a nonprofit. The focus of this course will be on starting a nonprofit, not running it. Students will be directed to other courses at Austin Bible Institute that will prepare them to effectively run the organization that this course teaches them how to start.

Other names for this course include: Starting an Orphan Care Ministry;  Starting an Orphanage; Starting a Christian Ministry.

Course Delivery

This course is delivered online. Students don’t have to move to Austin to take it. Austin Bible Institute now offers all its courses online so that students everywhere in the world can take them.

Recommended Background

No particular background is required. All are welcome to apply.
Why? Jesus had no requirements for inviting his disciples (Matt. 4:18-22; Mark 10:17-21) to come and learn from him. This course invites people to come and learn. I have no requirements for people to come and learn. All are welcome, believers and nonbelievers alike.
Note: There is an application procedure ABI requires all new students to go through regardless of their program of study.


All students taking this course are eligible for our Institutional Scholarship.

Fees for the Course

This course is a 3 credit hour course and the fees follow the normal Austin Bible Institute’s part-time fee schedule which can be found on our tuition and fees page.

Course Format

This online course is divided into eight modules, over eight weeks. Modules typically consist of videos, PowerPoint lectures, articles, and assignments that support the material covered in the week.


The assessment for this course will comprise of application assignments, forum posts, papers, and a final exam.

Start Dates

June 2017

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