Learn How to Use the Internet for Biblical Communication

Note: This is an online course. Students do not have to move to Austin to take it. All our courses are now available online!

About the Instructor

Communication is an essential part of Christina Joy Hommes’ life. She maintains two websites which she designed and developed; writes professional web content, Bible studies for apps and print, articles, teaching tools, videos, and other resources; teaches in person and online; and works for ministries and businesses in person and virtually.

Through these experiences, she has learned the importance of strategic online communication. Christina wrote, photographed, and designed the gospel booklet, My Secret, which individuals and ministries love giving because of its beautiful presentation and the way it is eagerly received. She has also written and taught two Bible study series, and written Christmas programs for adults and children, hymns, and devotional verse. She earned her M.A. in Biblical Studies online after earning her B.A. with a focus in writing. Christina lives near Nashville, TN and looks forward to meeting you online!

About the Course

COMM 120 Internet Communications

The population of the internet is growing daily. People from every background are using it. How are you going to reach them with your message? In this course, we will take a journey into the world of the internet – peaking behind the scenes, sampling powerful tools, discovering tricks, learning its culture, and meeting its population.

Whether you run a ministry, want to start a business, work with a virtual team, or simply send an email on occasion, this course will:

(1) help you evaluate your strategy for communicating online and

(2) introduce you to the various platforms and tools at your disposal.

The tools and experience you gain will help you effectively reach your audience online. As an introductory course, COMM 120 is broad in scope – touching on many topics to give you familiarity and delving deeper into a few areas you are most likely to use. Extra resources are provided which can help you go further in areas helpful to your internet communication strategy.

Let’s learn to use the internet for everything its worth as we reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Course Delivery

This course is delivered online. Students don’t have to move to Austin to take it. Austin Bible Institute now offers all its courses online so that students everywhere in the world can take them. In addition, the course is asynchronous, meaning that there are no required meeting times for any of the video lectures or projects. This gives you the flexibility to learn about effectively communicating online while continuing your busy life.

Recommended Background

Students considering COMM 120 should have access to a computer and an internet connection, but no specific software is required for any of the projects in the course. Beyond basic computer skills like using a mouse and keyboard and sending email, no specialized knowledge is required. No particular background is required. We invite you to take this course whatever your beliefs or goals.

Note: There is an application procedure ABI requires all new students to go through regardless of their program of study.


All students taking this course are eligible for our Institutional Scholarship.

Fees for the Course

This course is a 3 credit hour course and the fees follow the normal Austin Bible Institute’s part-time fee schedule which can be found on our tuition and fees page.

Course Format

This online course is divided into eight modules which will be taken over eight weeks. Modules typically consist of videos, reading, and projects that allow you to practically apply some of the material covered that week.


The assessment for this course will be comprised of practical projects (like setting up a basic blog and joining other students for a group project), forum posts, short reading quizzes, and optional extra-credit Bible memory verses.

Start Dates

March 2018

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