Home School Transcripts

Austin Bible Institute realizes that transcripts from home-schoolers may vary widely from one family to another. However, all transcripts must meet certain college standards to facilitate an admission decision and academic placement should the applicant be admitted.

  • Home schooling records must show the courses completed; the credits, units, or hours associated with each course; and a letter or numerical grade indicating the student’s level of performance in that subject area for that year.
  • Courses or subjects reflected on the transcript should be organized by grade level (9 through 12) and date.
  • To be considered “final”, transcripts must include a “Graduation Date”, “Home-School Addendum” and a signature from the school administrator (usually a parent).
    • A “Home-School Addendum” is an acknowledgement by the school administrator (usually a parent) that the student has completed the equivalent of a high school education and that it abides by state standards.

Home-schooled students are not required to take the ACT or SAT standardized college entrance exams to be considered for admissions through Austin Bible Institute. However, if we discover that an admitted student needs any remedial courses to be able to do college level work well, then we would recommend such courses and require that those students take them. These courses would be taken from a community college or any other qualified institutions.

View a sample transcript. While this format may not be compatible with all home-school educational philosophies or models of instruction, the more closely home-school records resemble a standard transcript, the more easily they can be evaluated.

Please contact Austin Bible Institute (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) with any questions.