Guaranteed Tuition Plan

What is the Guaranteed Tuition Plan?

The Guaranteed Tuition Plan is Austin Bible Institute’s commitment to provide students with a constant tuition rate.

What is the purpose and benefit of the Guaranteed Tuition Plan?

The purpose of the Guaranteed Tuition Plan is to help make the cost of our education more predictable for students. The benefit is that it guards students from sudden increases in tuition and enables them to estimate and budget for education expenses more precisely.

How it Works!

  • You select your program of study
  • You choose desired pace of study (part time vs. full time)
  • We determine Guaranteed Tuition Plan length depending on your pace of study and program length
  • We calculate fixed tuition rate

Who qualifies for the Guaranteed Tuition Plan?

The Guaranteed Tuition Plan is available to all students – regardless of program of enrollment or length of study – who apply and are approved. Rates, however, will vary depending on length of term and pace of study.


Contact us to sign up for this plan!



Does it matter if I sign up as part-time or full-time?

No. Students are given specific Guaranteed Tuition rates depending on their program of study and pace of study. There will be a part-time rate and a full-time rate. The length of a student’s Guaranteed Tuition Plan is not affected by the number of credits taken in a given semester or whether the student registers and enrolls at all.

What if I need to take one semester off for any reason?

Students who do not enroll at Austin Bible Institute for one semester can retain their original Guaranteed Tuition Plan rate; however, the non-enrollment semester does count as part of their Guaranteed Tuition Plan term. The Guaranteed Tuition Plan rate will not be extended a semester as a result of non-enrollment.

What if I drop one or more of my classes?

Students who drop a course, causing them to change from one tuition rate to another such as dropping below the full-time threshold for their program of study, they will be charged the tuition rate for the number of credits they are then taking and will be required to pay the difference between full-time tuition and their new rate.