Faculty Application Process

Application Process for New Adjunct Faculty Members

  1. View Faculty Handbook to find all the information about open positions, including our mission and purpose statement as well as educational philosophy, etc.
    • Note: This Handbook is password protected. Please Contact our Academic Coordinator for access**
  2. Fill out a faculty application form
  3. Send in a resume to our Academic Coordinator (or attach in application)
  4. Submit official transcripts (or attach in application)
  5. If we are interested, our Academic Coordinator will contact you to schedule an initial phone interview
  6. Have 3 references fill out reference forms
  7. Allow us to see a 15-20 minute example video of you teaching
    • If you do not currently teach, we will want you to come up with a sample video to send us
  8. If all goes well, a 2nd phone interview will be set up with on of our head faculty members
  9. Applicant submits 6 page course plan/outline for potential course (as prompted by Academic Coordinator)
  10. Entire candidate packet is reviewed by administration and decision whether to hire or not is determined