Danielle Chambers

DanielleDanielle Chambers

Orphan Care Student

“ These courses [have] helped me to understand who God is, His character, and His will. I have been convicted of many things, and have grown in my knowledge of God and His Word. I have a better understanding of God’s character and a growing relationship with Him.

Four months ago, if someone would have asked me where I was going I would have responded with “My heart is in Africa, but I am willing to go wherever the Lord leads me.” [But] when I said I am willing to go wherever God leads me, I meant anywhere other than America, which is clearly the exact opposite of being willing or obedient to God. That response was filled with so many wrongs…America is now and always has been my current mission field, and I should and can love these people just as much as I love Haitians or Africans…I do love Africa, but if I truly love Africa in a way that is pleasing to God, then I should love Haiti and North America with that same amount of love and should be just as obedient to go or stay in those places as I would in going to Africa. I believe God can call individuals to a specific place, but that may just be for a specific season or it could be for life for some, either way God can lead you to one place for a time, just to prepare you for your next destination. I believe that that is what God is doing in my life right now with me being in Austin receiving training.

I have realized that I had been so focused on serving those who suffer from material poverty when that poverty is the least harmful to the soul. Through assigned reading I have realized that [we] all suffer or have at some point suffered from poverty; whether it be self (emotional, psychological, mental), social, spiritual, or material poverty…

I had many unanswered questions now answered. I have learned to trust and be fully dependent on God. I have a new understanding of authority, submission, calling, passion, fellowship, faith, love, poverty, forgiveness, grace and mercy.

I would recommend Austin Bible Institute to any individual who desires to grow spiritually and become more equipped for the ministry God is calling them to. I am so thankful for this school… I have never been filled with so much peace, especially when I don’t know exactly what is ahead of me, but there is no other position or place that I would rather be.”