Certificate in Grace Studies

The grace of God is an extremely profound subject. The apostle Paul calls the gospel of grace a mystery, and yet it is given to us so freely from the Father. Why was the grace of God given to us? Most of the time, if you understand the reason for which something is given, it’s much easier to understand the gift. The same is true here for the grace of God. However, the grace of God was not given so that we could merely learn about the concept of grace. Understanding grace is important, but that alone will never change a life unless we move from the  knowledge and understanding of grace to the application of grace. We often know what to do, but we just don’t do it. The benefit comes from the application. This program teaches you not only the true meaning of grace, but also practical application to fulfill the purpose of grace throughout your life.


What Student Are Saying About Our Online Courses

“Not only have I learned so many things, I’ve grown more in my relationship with God than I have in a really long time. At times, I’ve felt pretty inadequate, like I should know these things already, but I’m so thankful that God provided this opportunity to really key things about following Him.”


“I grew up in the church, but had never experienced God like I began to when I was studying at ABI. I greatly enjoyed all aspects of the training – spiritual, practical, and theological. I highly recommend this school… You will not only see your heart and soul opened by the Holy Spirit, you will experience mind-altering knowledge that will beneficially shape the way you live and serve.”


“Austin Bible Institute has been an amazing blessing to me. Each of the classes is focused on forming the identity of Christ in the student. In my opinion, that should be the goal of every Christian, especially when one pursues Christian education. I believe that Austin Bible Institute provides an amazing foundation for a life following Jesus. The material is challenging, but amazingly practical. This allows for anyone at any level to be able to learn and grow and apply their learning immediately, within the context of everyday life. ”



If you feel God is calling you to learn more about His wonderful gift of grace, our excellent online education can help you do just that!

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