Bachelor of Christian Ministry – Orphans and Vulnerable Children



General Education Courses (12 credits)

COMM 111 English Composition I
COMM 112 English Composition II
SCIM 201 Introduction to Psychology
COMM 120 Internet Communication


Core Courses (56 Credits)

THEO 201 Systematic Theology I
THEO 202 Systematic Theology II
THEO 220 Life & Godliness
THEO 206 Spiritual Formation
THEO 208 Experiencing the God of the Bible
THEO 325 Apologetics
MINS 209 Christ & the Mission of Peacemaking & Reconciliation
MINS 325 Strategy
MINS 312 Spiritual Counseling (4 credits)
MINS 315 Principles of Biblical Leadership
MINS 316 Legacy Planning: Strategies for Recruiting and Developing Ministry Leaders I
MISS 101 Introduction to Christian Missions
MISS 215 Strategic Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, and Christian Revivals
MISS 205 Following the H.S. into Disciplemaking (4 credits)
BIBL 101 Hermeneutics (Bible Study Methods)
BIBL 104 Old Testament Survey
BIBL 105 New Testament Survey
BIBL 330 The Ministry Life and Letters of Paul


Orphans and Vulnerable Children Major (30 Credits)

MINS 201 Effective Ministry to the Poor I
MINS 202 Effective Ministry to the Poor II
MINS 204 Starting an Orphan Care Ministry
MINS 330 Biblical Child Rearing: Transforming & Ministering to the Heart of the OVC
MISS 320 Global Health & Healthcare to OVC on the Mission Field
MISS 322 Nourishing OVC to Health on the Mission Field
MISS 203 Cultural Anthropology
SCIM 230 Child Growth and Dev. through Adolescence
MISS 211 Introduction to Elementary Education
MINS 462 OVC Internship I


Electives (24 Credits)

Elective credits can be any (100-400) college-level ABI course in any discipline.

Total Credits: 122 credits

Collaborative Degree Program

Our B.A. programs are multi-institutional Collaborative Degree Programs (CDP). Students in these program take some of the required degree courses through Austin Bible Institute and others (mostly General Education and chosen Electives) from different approved and highly recommended institutions of higher education to complete the degree requirements and receive their degree from Austin Bible Institute.

The CDP model ensures that students receive high quality education from various great institutions in a way that allows these institutions to collaborate in a unique way to equip students. Students take courses from these approved institutions and then transfer credits to Austin Bible Institute. Courses from approved institutions may be taken online or in person, if possible. There will usually be an online option for taking all required courses to ensure that students can complete the degree requirements from any location in the world.