Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry to Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The Associate of Arts degree in Christian Ministry to Orphans & Vulnerable Children takes 2 years to complete and is a great fit for people who want to equip themselves to care for orphans and vulnerable children but don’t have the time to invest in a four year degree program.

General Education Courses (12 credits)

COMM 111 English Composition I
COMM 112 English Composition II
SCIM 201 Introduction to Psychology
COMM 120 Internet Communications


Core Courses (31 credits)

THEO 206 Spiritual Formation
THEO 208 Experiencing the God of the Bible
THEO 220 Life & Godliness
MINS 209 Christ & the Ministry of Peacemaking & Reconciliation
BIBL 104 Old Testament Survey
BIBL 101 Hermeneutics (Bible Study Methods)
MISS 205 Following the H.S. into Disciplemaking (4 credits)
BIBL 105 New Testament Survey
THEO 301 Systematic Theology I
THEO 302 Systematic Theology II


Orphans and Vulnerable Children Major (15)

MINS 201 Effective Ministry to the Poor I
MINS 202 Effective Ministry to the Poor II
MINS 204 Starting an Orphan Care Ministry
MISS 203 Cultural Anthropology
SCIM 230 Child Growth and Dev. through Adolescence


Electives (6 credits)

Elective credits can be any (100-400) college-level ABI course in any discipline.

Total credits: 64 credits

*The internship is optional for students doing a certificate or associate degree program. Students who desire may do an internship in the place of a 3 credit hour elective.