Apply for Gap Year Missions Program

Application Process

Please read over all of the FAQs  before filling out this application. The application has several components, which must all be completed and submitted. Admissions decisions will not be made until we receive your complete application packet. For email submissions, please send attached documents to

Application items needed:

  1. Online application form, completed and submitted
  2. Non-refundable application fee of $50 USD per applicant
  3. Completed, online pastoral reference form
  4. Background check authorization form (complete and submit through email)
  5. Copy of high school diploma or GED (scanned and submitted through email)


  1. Application deadline is June 1st each year. If you submit an application after June 1st, you will be included in the list of participants for the following year.
  2. We will contact you to arrange a phone interview
  3. Applicants are not accepted to Gap Year Missions Program until they have received an official letter of acceptance from the admissions office via email
  4. Once you are accepted, you must pay an online non-refundable $250 registration fee to hold your spot. This is not deducted from your tuition cost.
  5. We will notify you of your acceptance or denial within thirty days of receiving your application
  6. If you are accepted, your payment needs to be sent in via check or money order (made out to Austin Bible Institute) to:

P.O. Box 200700
Austin, TX 78720

Gap Year Program Expectations:

  • Expect God to deal with your perceived identity and future plans.
  • Live a life of holiness and consecration by only participating in activities and entertainment choices that glorify God. No alcohol or drug consumption is permitted.
  • Be prepared to embrace a season of living in full ministry to the Lord, others, the local church, and those in need.
  • Live above reproach by never being alone with someone of the opposite sex.
  • Be teachable (Proverbs 2), flexible, and patient.
  • Always be helpful and servant-hearted, especially in missions/volunteer assignments.
  • Participate in all prayer meetings, volunteer outreaches, and team building events.
  • Commit yourself to your studies as you would to your job. Complete and turn in all homework assignments on time.
  • Submit to leadership/mentorship/coaching of ABI faculty and staff

Gap Year Guidelines

Personal appearance: Students are expected to uphold a clean, modest, and non-distracting appearance in their dress for all meetings, classes, services, and gatherings throughout the Gap Year Program. We desire to bring glory to Jesus with our bodies and clothing.

Health insurance: The ABI Gap Year Missions Program is not responsible for covering hospitalization, visits to the doctor, or medications.

Vehicle: Participants are responsible for their own transportation and timeliness (i.e. they must be punctual for meetings and outreaches) therefore we ask that all applicants have their own reliable transportation.

Purity: ABI expects all members (staff, students, and faculty) to make a personal commitment to live counter to the prevailing moral laxity of our society by not participating in, advocating, supporting, or condoning any sexual activity (heterosexual or homosexual) outside of marriage between one man and one woman.

Living above reproach: Demonstrate your commitment to Christ and each other by refraining from the use of all tobacco and alcoholic beverages for the duration of the Gap Year Mission Program.

Personal expenditures: Students are required to have sufficient funds to cover all personal and living expenses incurred throughout the Program. Due to the extensive time commitments during the program, it is recommended that students not acquire outside employment.

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