What Can ABI Training Do For You?

What can training at Austin Bible Institute prepare you for?

Austin Bible Institute offers degree and certificate programs that will equip you for a lifetime of faithful ministry to God. The training will equip you whether you want to serve in full-time ministry in a church setting, work as a missionary, start an orphanage, or basically be a faithful member of God’s kingdom while pursuing any other career. Austin Bible Institute will teach you to study the Bible effectively and apply its truth to your life and to the people and culture around you. God’s truth speaks to every single area of human endeavor—there is not a single aspect of life in this world that does not need to be brought into submission to Christ.

Training at Austin Bible Institute is avocational. That means that we don’t focus on preparing students to get a paying job in some industry after they graduate. Some Institutions train students with the goal of preparing them to be hired either by the government or to gain employment in some specific company or industry where they earn a salary or gain some form of financial benefit. That is not our goal. The goal of our programs is to equip students and help them grow spiritually to be better prepared for God to use them to do His will in their ministry while serving the poor and making disciples. Although we offer excellent training, we cannot and do not promise or guarantee a future job opportunity. We do not promise that a student will be ready to serve in an orphanage or another ministry position after they complete the training. We have no certification exams or any other way of ensuring that each student who takes our courses will be capable of serving in an orphanage or other ministry position. A lot of that depends on how the student yields to God and applies the information we teach to their lives and ministry. What we do promise is that we will provide rigorous training that will enable God to work in and through the student to prepare her for the kind of servant that He wants to use to serve orphans and make disciples. As such we focus on catalyzing life-change within students. We empower them to grow spiritually and in their knowledge and understanding of effective God-centered poverty alleviation, especially orphan care. Our job is to create an environment where students can yield to the Holy Spirit to work in them to equip them for what God wants to use them to do in the future. The real teaching is done by the Holy Spirit—the great teacher—not by us. Internships provide students an opportunity to practically apply what they have learned. The ministry that receives any of our graduates will have the responsibility of determining if they are qualified for the ministry position or not. Missions is not about making money but about dying to self and living for others.

If a student surrenders and allows God to use the training that Austin Bible Institute offers to work in and through them, God could prepare them for several roles in his Kingdom. Here are a few:

  • Orphanage Planter
  • Orphanage Manager
  • Orphan Care Worker
  • Poverty Alleviation Worker
  • Poverty Alleviation Leader
  • Ministry Leader
  • Ministry Worker
  • Bible Teacher
  • Nonprofit Founder
  • Director of a Christian nonprofit organization
  • Local Missionary
  • Cross-cultural Missionary
  • Church Planter
  • Youth Pastor
  • Missions Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Pastor
  • Evangelist
  • Christian Writer/Editor
  • Discipleship Pastor
  • Sunday School Administrator
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Youth Group Leader
  • Lay Leader
  • Church Elder
  • Deacon
  • Christian Conciliator
  • Fully Devoted Follower of Christ