Degree & Certificate Programs

Austin Bible Institute offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificate programs that fit the varying needs of individual students. Students can now take all our classes online. Our degrees and certificates chronologically build on each other. For example, a student may start with a one year certificate and make their way up to a bachelor’s degree. Students who already have some college credit may transfer it to obtain advance standing.



Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor’s degrees in the following concentration and areas:

Associate of Arts Degrees

Associate’s degrees in the following areas:



Master of Divinity Degrees

Master of divinity with the following concentrations:

Master of Arts Degrees

Masters degrees in the following concentrations and areas:





Four-Year Dual B.A. / M.A. Degree

What would you prefer, to get a Bachelor’s degree in four years or get both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in four years? ABI is now offering four year dual B.A. / M.A. degree programs. Instead of following the traditional pathway where you spend four years to get a bachelor’s degree and two more years to get a Master’s degree (making a total of six years), you can now save time and money by choosing the dual B.A. / M.A. pathway. If you intend to go for a Master’s degree in the future, we encourage you to consider if the dual B.A. / M.A. is the right program for you.

Five-Year Dual B.A. / M.Div. Degree

What would you prefer, to get a Bachelor’s degree in four years or get both a Bachelor’s and M.Div. in five years? Students who follow the traditional pathway spend four years to get a Bachelor’s degree and an additional three years to get the M.Div., a total of seven years! With ABI’s new M.A. / M.Div programs, you can now shorten that program from 7 years to only five years. If you don’t already have a Bachelor’s degree and would like to get both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the future, we encourage you to contact us to see if a the dual degree program is right for you.



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