Mission, Vision, Purpose & Values


Preparing people to GLORIFY GOD and SPREAD HIS GLORY to the ends of the world through effective Christian ministry work.


To equip Christians for the work of ministry.


We see a future where everyone the Lord calls to Christian ministry receives excellent, flexible, and affordable training from spirit-led teachers with tremendous hands-on experience in their area of calling–teachers who do not merely teach for pay but who love students deeply like true spiritual fathers and mothers. We see a future where everyone God has sent out is delivering the highest standards of service possible; where pastoral ministry, OVC ministry,  global missions, general ministry work, etc, are fruitful and done by men and women who are transformed and led by the Holy Spirit. We see a future where these trained leaders are themselves multiplying leaders on their mission fields, spreading the wave of excellence in Christian ministry to future generations of ministers all over the world. We believe that God will do this in his beloved, called, and sent.


Our core values can all be remembered by the simple mnemonic PRAISE GOD.

1. Praise

Praise: We value a culture of praise where everyone praises the goodness of God as experienced through all the blessings he bestows on us. We especially value praising each other when they do things that reflect the grace and excellence of God. 

Worship: We value a lifestyle of worship a radical obedience to the truth of the word of God.

2. Passion

We value living lives that are full of a passion for Christ and his purposes in the world. We seek to ignite a fire in the hearts of our students that burns for the same things that set God’s heart afire. We want their hearts to be broken with the things that break the heart of God. We value the kind of passion that inspires courageous and active engagement in the world for the purpose of glorifying God.

3. Relationship

We value four key relationships:

1) Relationship with JesusWe value God, his word (biblical truth), and his wisdom.  We value the scripture’s ultimate authority to guide our faith and practice. We value a pursuit of knowledge that results in humility rather than arrogance; that produces understanding, life change, and that emphasizes application what is learned.

2) Relationship with each other. We value living in loving community with each other.

3) Relationship with the local church. We value training that builds up the local church.

4) Relationship with the broken culture around us.  We value connecting with the culture that surrounds us, living wisely within it, being relevant to it, establishing a redemptive presence and speaking the truth in love wherever God sends us.

4. Accountability

We value accountability, transparency, and good stewardshipWe value the wise investment and management of the resources that God has entrusted to us, maximizing the benefit to those we serve.

5. Innovation

 We value innovation that helps us deliver excellent, flexible, accessible, and affordable education to everyone everywhere who genuinely desires it. We value innovation that empowers people to glorify God and live out their full potential.

6. Servanthood

Servanthood: We value servanthood, the state of simply being a servant.

Servant leadership: We value the development of servant leaders that will lead the next generation of global efforts for Christ. Servant leaders are first servants. It starts with servanthood.

7. Excellence

We value education that seeks excellence and God-honoring improvement in everything we do.

8. Growth Mindset

We value developing a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset. We value learning that transforms, inspires critical thinking, moves people to fear God, leads to worship, growth in godly wisdom, renewal of the mind, development of Biblical worldview, character, behavior, relationships, and ministry that brings Glory to God.  We value learning that creates godly paradigm shifts.

9. Orderliness

Orderliness is putting first things first. It is majoring on the majors and minoring on the minors. It is prioritization. It requires focus. Orderliness is setting the right priorities, focusing on them and achieving them. To put something in order, you put the first thing first, then the second thing in second place, and so forth. If you misplace priorities and major on the minors, you get chaos and confusion. We value orderliness. We also value doing ministry in systematic, reproducible, repeatable, evidence-based ways realizing that our God is a God of order and peace not of disorder and confusion. Connected to orderliness, we value focus and prioritization that gets things done.

10. Disciplemaking

We value obedience to the Great Commission; therefore we seek to serve Christ in a myriad of ways anywhere in the world.  We value becoming like Christ in our entire being. We value the integration of faith and practice, mind and heart, and learning and service, doing everything to become like Christ