Bachelor of Orphan Care & Management (4 years, 126 credits)

orphancaremajorsThe Bachelor of Orphan Care and Management is a comprehensive 4 year degree program designed to fully equip students for calling in Orphan Care. Students in the orphan care and management degree receive robust training and mentoring that ranges from general education courses to Bible and theology courses to orphan care and management courses. The training culminates with a 1 year internship training (Orphan Care Practicum I & II) in an orphan care ministry of the student’s choosing.

The Collaborative Degree Program

The Bachelor of Orphan Care and Management program is a multi-institutional Collaborative Degree Program (CDP). Students in the program take some of the required degree courses through Austin Bible Institute & College and others from different approved and highly recommended institutions of higher education to complete the degree requirements and receive their degree from Austin Bible Institute & College. The CDP model ensures that students receive high quality education from various great institutions in a way that allows these institutions to collaborate in a unique way to equip students. Students take courses from these approved institutions and then transfer credits to Austin Bible Institute & College. Courses from approved institutions may be taken online or in person if possible. There will always be an online option for taking all required courses to ensure that students can complete the degree requirements from any where in the world.

Required Courses

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All students  in our Orphan Care & Management programs are required to do a field internship as part of their training.

Students in the 1-year certificate program are required to do a 3 months internship.

Those in the 2-year associates degree program will do a 6 months internship.

Those in the 4-year Bachelor’s degree program will do a 1-year Internship.

 Potential Jobs

This degree trains students so thoroughly that after graduation, they can also pursue other areas of calling effectively. See below for other jobs that this degree prepares students for.

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